About Us

Our Approach

We pride ourselves over quality not quantity. It is our goal to take our time on jobs and ensure that the customer is not only satisfied with the work we have done, but also can say they had a good experience working with our company.

Our Story

We are a military and female-owned family-run business. In 2022, PSI had to close down to do some in-house cleaning. Taking the summer to find our legs and decide the direction we wanted to go, finally, we are opening back up and ready to help you with whatever plumbing problems you may have. Matt and Hayley are determined to continue this business, it’s an investment for their son Connor (our little mascot) and are super excited about growing the business slowly. Lisa is the matriarch, Matt the silent owner and Hayley, the Jack-of-all-Trades daughter and wife (in that order) keeping the business running in the background behind the computer screen and occassionally helping the plumbers on the team out in the field.

Meet the Team (Family)

matt maderski


 Matt is an active duty United States sailor who is currently a silent backer/extra pair of hands to help on various jobs. He helped to start PSI as an investment. Thankfully, his wife and mother-in-law are both familiar with the industry so the three of them can make a good team.

lisa lundgren


Lisa is the second owner of the company. She has been in and out of the construction industry for many years. When Matt wanted to start a business, she was here to help begin it. Working with the company when she’s home from her job at Grossmont College, Lisa is proud of the business and excited to watch it grow.

hayley maderski

Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Hayley is Matt’s wife and Lisa’s daughter and the computer whiz of the team. When you call in, most of the time you will talk to Hayley and she’s the one who has done all the copywriting for this website (hey there!). She has experience as an apprentice plumber but has chosen to step back into the office and work from there. From the website and blog to billing and the rest of the bookkeeping, Hayley is the whiz behind the computer screen, when she doesn’t go out onto jobs and gets dirty a little dirty.

brett kemp


Brett is our brand new plumber and we are getting to know him quickly. A quick sense of humor and a drive to do the job in an efficient timeframe AND get the job done as if it was in his own home. PSI employees don’t want our customers to be upset when we leave, we would rather leave with you happy and a job well done. With 30-plus years of experience in the plumbing industry, he is ready to help our team grow to become something new.

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